Sunday, October 21, 2007

Crazy Eights Meme

Jersey Girl tagged me for the crazy eights meme. As my blogging has been rather light of late, and I didn’t want to be a spoilsport, I thought I’d play.

Eight Things I’m Passionate About :
1. Family
2. Friends
3. God
4. Baseball
5. Writing
6. Reading
7. Philosophical ponderings / questions of humanity
8. Art

Eight Things I Want to Do Before I Die :
1. Raise my kids to competent, happy adulthood.
2. Publish my novel (and hopefully multiple novels)
3. Spend some time in Sicily
4. Travel
5. Live in the home of my dreams
6. See the Cubs win the World Series
7. Take an oil painting class
8. Build enough of a nest egg to make sure my kids have a good start

Eight Things that I Say Often
1. It is what it is
2. Boobalah, booba, or boo (pet names I call my kids)
3. Night night, sleep tight, (they finish with, ‘don’t let the bed bugs bite)
4. Oh for fuck’s sake... (I’d like to say I never say this around the kids, I sometimes slip)
5. Wait a minute... (the universal phrase of parenting)
6. Get your shoes on... (seems like we’re always heading out the door somewhere)
7. Finish your milk (at least three times a day)
8. I love you (far more than three times a day)

Eight Books I’ve Read Recently or Am Reading Currently
1. Writer Mama by Christina Katz
2. Lottery by Patricia Wood (just started this and it’s fantastic!)
3. The Reincarnationist by M. J. Rose
4. The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger
5. Interred with their Bones by Jennifer Lee Carrell
6. Description (elements of fiction writing) by Monica Wood
7. For One More Day by Mitch Albom
8. February Flowers by Fan Wu

Eight Songs I Can Listen To Over and Over
1. The Game of Love by Michelle Branch
2. American Pie by Don McLean
3. Johnny Come Lately or Desperado by The Eagles
4. Sunday Morning by Maroon Five
5. Wreck of the Day by Anna Nalick
6. Cinema Paradiso Theme song and whole soundtrack
7. Go Cubs Go
8. Sweet Home Chicago

Eight Things that Attract Me to My Friends
1. Good sense of humor
2. Fun and lighthearted
3. Loyal (not prone to gossip and backstabbing)
4. Thoughtful
5. Family oriented (close to their parents and siblings)
6. Not judgmental or mean spirited
7. Baseball fans
8. Similar interests – reading, writing, art, etc

Things I Learned Last Year
1. It only takes one person to make a negative difference (the same is true for a positive difference)
2. Sometimes wanting a thing with the whole of your heart just doesn’t make a damn bit of difference
3. Losing a dream means you need to find a new one, wallowing means you deserved to lose
4. You can’t control anyone but yourself
5. I enjoy hearing about others’ success
6. How to make Oreo balls (cream cheese and crushed Oreos dipped in white chocolate... mmmmm)
7. A bit about the rules of football (my son plays now so I had to learn a little... )
8. It’s hard to tighten your writing without losing your voice... tough balance to find

Sharing the Love:

I know, these things are meant to be shared and I should be giving you eight new bloggers to do this little ditty.... If you feel like doing this one, great, leave a link so I can go see your answers... consider yourselves universally tagged, but I’m not going to hold it against you if you don’t do this one..


Travis Erwin said...

Well I learned more than 8 things about you from thsi psot. I too ahve had to resort to memes of late in my posts.

Jerseygirl89 said...

Thanks for doing this - I really enjoyed learning about you. And I'm going to have to make Oreo balls sometime!

Angela WD said...

I especially loved #1 in What you learned last, I never thought of the negative difference.

And those oreo balls? OMG. I must have them.

Ello said...

I love the Cinema Paradiso soundtrack! Even going so far as to buy all the different versions done of them by Josh Groban, Yo Yo ma, etc.

This was fun to read but no way I'll do it, too much work!

How's the writing? I was very productive today!

Mary Witzl said...

I see Ello above has already nudged you about your writing, so I won't do this until the next time I comment!

I like your your eight criteria for being attracted to friends and I share those, to an extent. I am prepared to give in on numbers 5, 7 and 8, but never on 3, 4 and 6.

And I love Don McLean's American Pie.

Merry Jelinek said...

Hi Travis,

Yes, I read your post on fictional characters you'd like to make out with... I quite enjoyed the disclaimer for spouses, too.

Hey Jerseygirl,

I'm adding oreo balls to my holiday baking this year (I make a ton of cookies, fudge and peanutbutter balls every year). They're really easy, too - take a whole package of oreos, put them in a zip lock bag and pound on them with a meat tenderizer until they're all broken up - good therapy too... mix well with one stick of softened cream cheese and form into little balls. Then coat them with melted white chocolate and lay on wax paper to dry.

Hi Angela,

Thanks for stopping in - the recipe for the oreo balls is above.

Hi Ello,

That's great that your writing has been so productive. I took the weekend off (kind of, lots of stuff going on with the kids) Yesterday I did more research than writing - I've been reading through journals and magazines I'd like to submit to... Today I dug out the novel I was working on before my current wip and I've been going through it to see what I can use... the main character is going into another novel as a side character, but there's a side character that has three whole chapters I'm going to revise as a short... so far it's more reading and note taking than actual writing... but then, I have to do the research end of it to actually sell the writing. sigh. I'm doing a little blog updating and visiting now and this afternoon will be devoted to the wip.

I love Cinema Paradiso, both the music and the movie... now where can I find a Salvatore?

Hi Mary,

I appreciate all the nudges I can get. How's your writing going?

I'd actually give on a number of those things for the friends list, as long as they're a good person... it's hard to think up a list of eight though.