Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Trying to get a little work in

So many things to do. My writing is taking off but it takes so much time to stay on top of it, and there is only so much time in the day. I got the kids off to school and debated with myself to keep away from the damn computer. I know, once I've started, I'll barely get any housework or bills taken care of until dinner time. That's what happens, I spend hours writing, what should take me half the time, because I keep getting interrupted here and there and everywhere. I should spend a good few hours straightening up first, I know.

If I could only stay on a good routine, maybe I could begin to improve my time. Get the writing out quicker, and get back to regular submissions. I prefer to take my time on the fiction, crossing the t's and dotting the I's, relishing every moment of prose. But the freelance, it doesn't pay to take all the time you need to make impeccable prose. To make a decent venture of it, it seems that being quick and precise is better than being good.

I wonder if there's a market out there for good. There used to be. Business writing was a finesse and you could take your time knowing the wage would be fair at the end of the assignment. So many business people just want content now, not knowing the difference between good and barely readable. Wouldn't it make better sense to pay one writer a good wage to make their website look professional? I know I don't give much credence to a website with shlock writing, why would anyone else?

If I could take my time with the business writing, I might enjoy it better, but right now it's just a means to an end... A little way to make money from writing while I'm working on the real work of fiction.... We'll see where it goes.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

so much to do so little time

so much to do
so little time,
It gets away from me it seems

I have to face
the chores and day
when I'd much rather stay in dreams

Too much to say
people to please
and yet the reverie plays on

barely started
turn around
and now the sun is almost gone....

The mothers stress
from day to day
to live and learn each day anew

to live for them
still toil and strive
to reach the place my soul is true.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Working with the kids home

So two of my three kids are home for the day. The doctor said that they can go back to school tomorrow, and they will be fine, though I'm going to pull my hair out if I keep trying to work!!!

I've bid a few assignments this morning and tweeked my short, short story entry, to send out to a writer's circle of friends for opinions and advice on revisions before its deadline. It's not due out until the beginning of December, but it's always better to get it done and out of my hands, otherwise I'll procrastinate that last step.

I've put off submitting, or going after any sort of paying work for writing for the last nine years. I've been working on my fiction. I never stopped the writing, but I've been too busy with my full time profession, stay at home mom, to really pursue making a living at writing. The time is right. My youngest is in pre-school now and it's either go after the dream, or resign myself to some office job that I don't love once the kids are all in school. We've made due on one income in order for me to stay home and raise my own children, but we can't save effectively, or be ready for college and all of that without the extra income - my goal is not to give up the dream....

I'm going to make it work. I have this year to get my income up to a respectable level, if I can do that, it'll be permanent. If I can do that, I won't have to settle for a job that's just good enough until my kids are grown. If I can do that, I can be what I've always envisioned for myself. Hard road? Damn right, but it's worth a shot - better to try and fail than never know. I'm optimistic and it's already picking up. We'll see where tomorrow goes.

But for today, I have two kids sitting at the kitchen table doing artwork.... Today, I'll play, because that's as much my job as the laundry and cooking - and a lot more fun.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Pink Eye and other dilema's

This morning, two of my three children woke up with red puffy eyes that are quite probably pink eye.... ughhhh...... I won't know for sure until after their doctor's appointment. Neither are in pain, they're running around, healthy as can be..... but not at school, today, my planned day to clean up the left over Halloween garbage and get the house in order for the coming holidays... or at least start to get the house in order................

So that's my dilemma today. I know, it doesn't sound like much, but sometimes it seems like you just can't get a break at all. I just got out an assignment last night, finished the one for today, and was looking forward to some personal time of catch up...... well, I guess it's better to have to postpone housework than it would be a day at the spa........... like I ever get one of those!

So what do you do with two children who are home sick all day? They can't just watch tv for the whole time, and they're not sick enough to want to lay down.... maybe I can get them to do housework ;-)

Oh well, more later I guess.....

Friday, November 03, 2006

Where's My Pants?

For any of you that work at home, you know the distractions are endless. Writing can be a challenging thing, when you don't get much in the way of quiet time. Add to that the fact that your unfinished housework stares back at you any time you sit down to try to get a handle on the actual work at hand....

So, you finally get the housework under some type of control, and you sit at your computer screen and start in earnest at your latest assignment, the perfect phrase to state your client's concept leaps to mind, finger in mid-strike, when a small voice screams from near you left hand side, "Mommy!!!! Look, look, look.... I can do a cartwheel, see?" Okay, take time for your four year old, pay a little attention, not that you weren't paying attention as you served his breakfast, dressed him for the day, read a story, played with play-doh, got him his snack....

Okay, where was I? Oh, the blank page... what was it I was going to say? Need a cup of coffee, have a quick snack, trudge back to the blank page after having wasted thirty minutes, oh, yes, you remember exactly the right phrase.... finger in mid strike....

"Hey, Where's my pants?" Comes the loud shout of hubby type person from two floors up... hmm, who the hell dressed him before we got married? How is it that you have to yell through the house for someone else to find your pants? And why in God's green earth didn't he just look in the closet, where they always are? ughh........... maybe they don't take this writing thing seriously.