Friday, November 30, 2007

My Ode to Ello - another sing along

For Ello’s ode I chose a song parody of Friday, I’m in Love by The Cure... If you’re unfamiliar, or would just like to hear it again, you can find a you tube video Here

So let’s start our sing along and please make certain to add your own British accent:

Ode to Ello

Ello has a blog, it’s true
Where she talks of writing, too
A story or a book review
At Ello’s, it’s great stuff.

She will let you play a part
Story building it’s an art
With lovely quips, she’s such a tart
At Ello’s, it’s great stuff.

Can’t hardly wait
To read more thoughts her kids create
Of boogers that a driver ate...

She worked at the morgue in fact
Gross there had a sandwich – ack!
For her smell she got some flack
At Ello’s it’s great stuff.

Law school gave her quite a head
Copyrights and what they said
She gets the things we writers dread
At Ello’s, it’s great stuff.

Can’t hardly wait
To read more thoughts her kids create
Of boogers that a driver ate...

Well, that’s about it for our ode, but I hope you all enjoyed it! If you haven’t yet visited Ello’s blog, it’s fabulous!!! Great writing discussions and interactive story building, plus she’s just really cool and fun – and did I mention smart? Ello’s posts will make you think as much as they will make you laugh. Add her to your, ‘must read’ list – she’s on mine. Okay, Mary, you’re up next.... are ya nervous yet?


Ello said...

I loved it! You are too clever and by the way, I used to love that song - actually still do. Would it be big headed of me to post your blog on my own? After all, I did win it!

Boy you are probably wishing people just took the cookies given all the work you are doing! But I am loving it! And this will last alot longer than cookies!

Thanks pal!

Merry Jelinek said...

Yay, so glad you liked it!!! Yours was harder to choose - my mind automatically went to Hello, by the beatles.. it's the rhyming factor with Ello, but the song wasn't right for you... It came down to this one or something by the Violent Femmes...

I love this one too, though Blister in the Sun might've been fun. Actually, this is a lot more fun for me than mailing out cookie fixings... And absolutely, post away, it is your ode.

Though you also have to pass on the love in your blog - same contest though you can give away any kind of presents you like... can't wait to see what you come up with... oh, don't worry, I'm out of the running as I already won at Jersey Girl's.

Mary Witzl said...

Ooh -- I'm all excited now, Merry! Just -- please! -- don't do the obvious with 'Witzl.' I've suffered so all my life, as you can probably imagine. And how my father ever got through his miserable wartime stint in the U.S. Navy, I'll never know. Just kidding about my name. Rhyme it any way you can. In fact, it's almost a shame NOT to use a rhyme that seems so natural and convenient, and it can't be any worse than the ones I've already heard of my name...

Ello's right, though: this lasts a lot longer than cookies, and laughing doesn't make you fat.

Merry Jelinek said...

Hi Mary,

The day laughter adds pounds I'll have to resign myself to being a house!

Never fear, I already have your song picked out and nothing in it rhymes with Witzl..

Travis Erwin said...

Great. You are becomign the blogworld equivalent to Weird Al.

And I agree Ello's site is a great place to hang out.

Josephine Damian said...

Merry, good one!

But today while I present a power point on arsenic murder to my CSI class, I'm going to have that "Friday" song playing in my head. It'll be like the time Pat Wood mentioned that "Baraccuda" song by Heart - it stayed in my head for days.


Merry Jelinek said...

Hi Travis,

I could deal with being the Weird Al of blogland... and I love Ello's blog, it's one of my favorites... you should check out her contest, it was difficult and a laugh riot.

Hi Josephine,

I left a comment about your arsenic lecture over at Ello's - sorry that's gotta make you feel a little odd, songs of love floating through your mind with powerpoint images of poisening deaths...

Here's one that'll make you laugh - when the song first came out, my bestfriend and I would sing it all the time along with the radio, and you know how you can sing a song by heart without really listening to the words? Yeah, well, I had a little aha moment when it got to the verse about "what a lovely sight, to see you eat in the middle of the night..." and said something stupid, like "oh, that's what he's talking about!" To which my friend replied, with rolled eyes, "No, he meant a balogna sandwhich..."

So that particular act has since been known as a 'balogna sandwich'... and this is where bad slang comes from.