Thursday, January 17, 2008

Well, What Did You Expect?

Shelly Bryant tagged me for a meme some time ago, and I’m finally getting around to the post... The question is, what do I expect from this blog? This is a bit different from the general, ‘why do you blog?’ question, which I’ve answered a hundred times... it poses the query in a slightly different light: what do I expect to get out of this blog, on these topics, that I wouldn’t get out of a blog on underwater basket weaving or the many uses of Peruvian shoe leather for someone with a fetish... okay, see that last one might key you in on something... as it did, me – though I consider this my professional writing blog, I obviously don’t treat it as professionally as I should – given the fact that I’m writing middle grade fiction... fine to add the off color silliness if I was a regular adult writer, but it’s probably not a great thing for someone writing for children.

So what, if anything, do I expect from this blog? I’m still pondering this, really. I don’t expect to use it professionally, except as a networking tool to meet other writers and publishing professionals. Obviously, if blogging will be a platform in my novel writing, I’ll need to build another blog that’s solely kid friendly – or at least pg-13. I don’t expect a publisher to come knocking down my door with six figure deals because they fell in love with my silly little blog... that’s not going to happen and I don’t treat my writing here with the same seriousness that I treat my fiction, so it’s really not a goal...

So, what the heck do I expect? Nothing. (see, you read all this drivel for a nothing answer, how’s that for an annoying blogger?) I don’t have any expectations here. What I’ve gained from blogging is another question, and its answer is diverse and ever changing, but mostly it’s a connection to other writers on topics that touch and affect us... But I didn’t expect that, I don’t hold that as an expectation... I don’t earn, or actively seek, money from this blog. I don’t promote this blog, other than being on technorati, which was more to be able to tell who linked me so I could say thanks...

I like a lot of things about blogging, but I don’t hold any expectations for this particular blog. Maybe it’s a learning curve to my author site, whenever I get around to that one. I have ideas for a professional author’s blog and, honestly, not a lot of the content I include here would make it there. Not because I don’t like what I’ve posted but because an author blog would be geared toward my readers, and this one is just me, relaxed, uncensored, and talking a lot about books and writing... okay, sometimes my kids make it into the post and occasionally a moral, because I like that kind of thing.

So there you go – no expectations. I am an aimless blogger. I’m supposed to pass this one on to five other bloggers... oy. I think, Stephen Parish, Mary Witzl, Josephine Damian, JJDebenedictis, and Travis Erwin... If you’d like to pass, I understand, but I’d also love to see what your expectations are.

Okay, fellow bloggers, as I have none, I know I’ve met my expectations... how about you? How does blogging serve you or detract from your writing? Are you an addict or a social blogger... could you stop at just one?


Stephen Parrish said...

I'll play. But I can't answer the question here. Otherwise you won't have any incentive to visit my blog to read my answer. Because you'll have it right here.

See what you've gone and done???

Merry Monteleone said...

He,he... I'm actually looking forward to your post - I'm wondering how your readers will get into a heated debate over your blogging expectations... should be interesting.

Travis Erwin said...

I actually did this just a few posts back. Too bad because I could have used a meme right now, since my creative efforts haven't been spent thinking of blog topics.

Shelly said...

Thanks for playing along, Merry!

It's great to come here and visit where you are just being you. I always enjoy stopping in to see you.

Merry Monteleone said...

Hi Travis...

Okay, I'll give you an alternative meme (see, should have just said, 'whew, dodged that one!')

I'll have to ponder a new one... I'll get back to it and let you know.

Hi Shelly,

Thanks for the tag and the visit. Hope all's well with you, are you getting ready for your next leg of travel yet?

Mary Witzl said...

I agreed to do this meme without even knowing what it was. I did wonder if it might be one of those 'Ten things about you' memes, and if it had been, that would have been okay, but now that I see what it is, I am all the more eager to do it.

This is a really good meme because it makes you think. What led me to start a blog in the first place is entirely different to what made me continue it.

inherwritemind1 said...

Hi Merry,

I almost wrote a post about quitting blogging. Seriously. Then I slapped myself and came to my senses.


I started as a way to find a writing community and I have found so much more. There's an entire essay I could write on this and probably will. Someday. Long after Stephen does his because his will be better.

My blog is a place to put writing that would not otherwise have a home.

It does interfere greatly with my writing, and that disturbs me. See? Here I am answering your question instead of finishing my chapter-in-progress.

Thank you so much for linking to me.

PS I left you a comment about Paula on my blog. (The hook to get you to return.) Evil me :-)

Merry Monteleone said...

Hi Mary,

I look forward to reading your response!! I almost psyched myself out of writing it, I thought about it so much... it was a more difficult question to answer than I thought.

Hi Tena,

Yes, blogging can be a huge form of writerly procrastination... worse, still, I feel an odd sense of responsibility to my blogging friends... if I don't visit for a while I feel really badly about it.

Sometimes it's good to take brief breaks just to get in some solid writing time... but QUIT? You must be mad (uttered with creepy Igor like voice)

Don't worry about luring me back, I'd have stopped over anyway

If you do put up an essay on this, I'd love to read it

Ello said...

I'm glad I'm not tagged but I will definitely answer the question. My blog helps me write. Simple. I am a better writer because of it. That I have made friends through blogging and that people actually like what I write is all alot of wonderful bonuses.

Merry Monteleone said...

Hi Ello,

I know you're working on fiction, but I will say, being an avid reader of your blog, you would make an excellent humor columnist...

Jerseygirl89 said...

I am an addict. I started it to get myself writing again and now I'm completely immersed. I suppose I'm hoping to become a more disciplined writer. And to make a little extra money. And to have legions of fans, of course.

Merry Monteleone said...

Hi Jersey,

Your blog is definitely picking up some major readership, and some of the nicest commenters I've ever seen... legions of fans will be soon to follow :-)