Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Six sorta random weird little things... or, another meme

Sidenote: Gina and Query/pitch critiquers, I promised this meme out to Precie a few days ago, so I’m posting it first – I’ll have Gina’s crit up in a day or so, so stay tuned.

I've been tagged by Precie

The rules:

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c. Write six random things about yourself.
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My Six Things:

1. I have favorite desserts for each season, and occasionally each month... odd aren’t I? Seriously, January’s an off month as there’s nothing much going on and I’m probably too bloated from Christmas. Buuut:
- February – I have a need for chocolate covered cherries at valentine’s time
- March – My birthday month, so my cake has to be chocolate, preferably Devil’s Food
- April (or March depending on when Easter falls) You think I’m going to say peeps... but it’s jelly beans, I have to have them and they can’t be the jelly belly’s even though everyone else on the planet loves them and they can’t be starburst – they have to be the cheap crap ones in the ginormous bag, just like the ones I found in my own Easter basket as a kid.
- May (two birthdays and an anniversary this month) though I don’t have a need of it, I always wind up having Chocolate cake with butter cream frosting at least three times this month.
- June – ah, an off month, how flippin refreshing... though I do have to have good Italian Ice (and the place I like is like a half hour’s drive from my house, because it’s in my old neighborhood and yes I risk the flippin drive by’s to go back and get a couple containers and the homemade pizza at least once a summer... I also have a need to have at least one push up – you remember the orange sherbert crap in the little cardboard container that you had to push up from the bottom and it spilled all over your hand and arm... Yeah, that was my favorite from the ice cream man and though I haven’t seen him in eons, I still need at least one a season... So those two cover June and August...
- July – I have to have a slice of apple pie – I know, annoying, but I like apple pie, though not ala mode, especially if they use a good amount of cinnamon in the filling...
- September – Spice cake with butter cream frosting, as soon as fall starts rolling in I get a hankering... I also need at least one batch of banana bread with a large slathering of nut butter, but that’s not dessert so it doesn’t flippin count.
- October – forget the candy, I need a caramel apple, preferably affy taffy... with nuts, and I hate it when they hide the granny smith apples in there, those are no good, I like the red or golden ones
- Novemeber – me needs to have at least one slice of good pumpkin pie
- December... oh, let me count the ways... well then, I have to have at least a few mint meltaways (for those of you unfamiliar with Fannie May, I’m so sorry, you’re missing out) I also love the Christmas cookies, especially my homemade Italian Knot cookies with the red and green sprinkles... la, la, la... oh and of course a few candy canes.

2. Wanna laugh? Besides that long list of sweets I rambled on about up there, I rarely eat sweets... I have those specific things with the seasons they come in... Otherwise, I’ll usually pass on desserts and have a small slice of cake at birthdays to be polite, but I don’t go out of my way for a sugar fix often, and I usually opt for fresh fruit.

3. It’s been a weird few weeks and I’ve actually gotten to see a number of people who I haven’t seen since my early twenties – I’ve heard at least three times that I’m even smaller now than I was then, which is really awesome to hear, but.... I’m a size larger, thank you very much... rather proud of it in fact – it’s not that easy to bear three, rather large children (youngest was 9 pounds 12 ounces at birth) and only go up from an 8 to a 10.. It’s not a size two, I was never going to be a size two, I’d fall over, but you think I’m thinner because I’ve lost the baby fat in my face which isn’t supposed to be a good thing but there ya go.

4. I have no sense of direction and don’t really care. Seriously, I will get lost going anywhere without a set of directions, unless it’s a place I know by heart. I’m notorious for taking the wrong highway and getting us lost and for me it was always the fun of the trip, which tended to annoy my friends – once, my friend Taryn and I were on our way to a concert and I missed the turn off, so instead of going to the concert we hung out in Milwaukee for the day – bothering sailors (seriously, we found sailors on leave and made them take pictures with us) and goofing around... we had such a good time, neither of us cared that we missed the concert.

5. I smoke. Gasp, go ahead, call the smoke Nazis and tell me how bad it is for my health... I actually already know it’s bad for my health.. really, I do.... so is my driving, but I’ll digress on that point. I’ve quit, I think eight times already, sometimes for months, even years... (three pregnancies and breastfeeding... you’d think I’d just never start again)... I will quit again, and for good this time. I was supposed to start on those pills, my dentist had me all hyped about it, and then she wouldn’t prescribe them because she thought I should go through an MD, which was probably a wise thing to say, but jeesh, just prescribe them and shush-y... so I’ll ask my thyroid guy when I go for my next check up and let you guys know where I’m at with it.

6. Okay, here’s a good one – my blog address is happy cat, my name literally translates to Happy Mountain lion, but I hate cats... I’m a dog person.

Well, if you made it all the way through that ramble, here are my six people for to pass on this meme....

Colleen Katana
Mary Witzl
Stephen Parrish
Julie Weathers
JJ Debenedictis
Jersey Girl

Okay, I’ll let all my meme recipients know in the morning... feel free to point and laugh at my silliness in the comments.


jjdebenedictis said...

Eep! I've been tagged! (So no need to come around and tell me. :-) )

jjdebenedictis said...

Howzat for prompt? I've already added my meme post to my blog. :-)

Jerseygirl89 said...

Teehee - I finally check in at your blog - I've been a horrible slacker lately - only to find out that you've tagged me. Thanks. :) And I know what you mean about seasonal/monthly food needs, though mine are more about regular foods (since I can ALWAYS use a chocolate chip cookie), like potato salad in July only.

Mary Witzl said...

Thank you for killing my diet, Merry, with all that talk about desserts. And thanks for reminding me: Angelique (the Quoibler) tagged me on this earlier and I went and forgot! I'll get on this right away. My problem is that there are too many weird things about me; I'm spoiled for choice.

I love the fact that you don't mind not having a sense of direction, and I love your story about losing your way, but then having a good time despite that. I would be like that if only I were surrounded by people like you and your friend Taryn; my husband has a very exacting idea of time and would go insane if I acted so blase. As it is, I just let him drive if we have to get some place on time.

A friend of mine has just passed her first year no-smoking anniversary. This is a woman I NEVER saw without a fag in her hand, and I am so impressed. She took the pill and she has never looked back. If you quit smoking, I'll send you a present on your 1st year anniversary. I've done this before, and I'll do it for you!

Colleen_Katana said...

When you said that you want "one push up"...I forget which month...maybe July? I thought you were referring to the exercise. Like the act of doing one push up. Then I realized what you actually meant and I felt like an idiot.

Sidebar: Now I really want a caramel apple. Savannah always had AMAZING caramel apples. Mmmmm.

Aaaaaannnnd, I'm tagged. I'll get crackin'!

Ello said...

Merry - I love the dessert breakdown by month. But girl you have made me so hungry!

And you can do it on quitting smoking. My husband just did it and I never thought he could.

By the way, did you get the prize?

The Anti-Wife said...

Push-ups. Yum!

ChrisEldin said...

Hi Merry, I have an occasional cigarette, which I enjoy too much. I have to be careful. I smoked for a year, then when I tried to quit (which I did) it was really really hard. But still I likey the fag.

silken said...

I just saw a girl the other day w/ a push up pop! I too thought "I haven't seen those in years"

Merry Monteleone said...

Hi Guys,

Sorry, I've been a terrible bloggy slacker as of late... too much to do and so little time.

Thank you for the support on the smoking thing - when I actually quit and stick firm for a decent length of time, I'll post on in (and work toward my prize from Mary)

Sorry to kill all your diets... mine's taking a beating as well, with the big chocolate cake here from my son's communion on Saturday.

Nice to see you all and I'll be around soon.

Julie Weathers said...

All right, the parties over and I can kind of link things again, I hope.

So, I've been tagged. Yay!

I'm adding this tonight.

Taryn said...

I'm a star!! hee hee I read through your insane dessert/months thing. I've known you forever, but oddly enough, I guess I never knew just how strange you really are! Anywho... to my surprise, I came across my name. Ah yes, the infamous Milwaukee trip. You know I didn't mind missing that concert! I did feel bad for you, though. Honest!! What a great day that was. Sometimes it's best to go off in another direction... er, or in our case, get completely lost! Maybe we'll see some more sailors on our next trip. Bring your camera!!

Merry said...

Hi Taryn,

Welcome to the bloggy verse!!! The husband type person was actually talking about getting new phones, maybe I'll get a camera phone this time... not that I'd ever figure out how to use the damn thing.

Taryn said...

Merry, you are an intelligent gal. I think you could work a camera phone. Piece of cake! What, what month do you eat cake?? Step into the future, throw out the 8-track, disconnect pong from your tv, and get a camera phone. I always thought it was a dumb combo until I got one. They come in handy.

sexy said...
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