Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Many of you may know about this already, but for those stumbling by or not familiar with the wonderful world of Moonrat and her Mischief, here are the details:

Our dear friend, Moonrat, has opened a raffle to support her friend, Mischief Fights Cancer You can read the whole story at the bottom post on that site, but long story short – Moonie’s good friend has no insurance and has been diagnosed with cancer. Being an editor, Moonie can’t help her very much monetarily (as any of you familiar with the earnings in publishing can imagine) but decided to put her talent up for auction in order to help raise funds.

She put the post up yesterday and has reached almost $700.00 as of this writing – which is flippin’ fantabulous, Moonie!!! But as you all can imagine, medical procedures are extremely costly and that $700.00 isn’t likely to go very far as far as treatments are concerned...

Okay, if you’re not the charitable type, here’s what’s in it for you:

Moonrat is an editor, and a lovely person, but wait let’s stick with the ‘what’s in it for you’ thing... She’s offered up a raffle to provide full editorial feedback on the winner’s novel. There are also separate raffles for other editorial feedback, such as on queries... and, just today, an agent at Curtis Brown has signed on to raffle off her services in reviewing and critiquing YA or children’s fiction.

The stipulations for each raffle are up at the Mischief Fights Cancer Site. I hope you all will consider entering, if at all possible.

Side note to Moonie, put up a donation button for those that don’t want to enter but might want to donate.


ChrisEldin said...

I'm so glad she did this. It's a lot of work to get it set up, I'm sure, but definitely worth it to help a friend.
And, you know, a reason we should all stop and think about who we're voting for and why.
Allowing people to have no insurance is simply not acceptable in a country such as ours, with so many resources. It's shameful.

Merry Monteleone said...

Hi Chris,

I'm glad she did this, too, and hope that all the writers out there who are able to will continue to help.

Politically, I come at this from a bit of a different angle - than either party or any politician I've heard so far. While I think it's terrible that so many people can't afford insurance - I blame the insurance companies for this mess and I don't think either candidates' 'healthcare plans' cover it.

First, we need to stop calling it "healthcare". That implies that these companies actually do something to positively impact a persons' health. They are insurance companies. They are essentially bookies in a rigged game. Their practices are the reason that medical costs are so high and talk to any person who has insurance and they are sure to tell you how expensive it is and how little they cover. Insurance companies have teams of lawyers paid just to find loopholes around covering their clients' medical bills while still taking in money from them for coverage.

They refuse to follow the patient's doctor's prognosis and insist in many instances that the patient has inferior treatment.

I want to see our elected officials go after this. This should not be legal - first of all, it impede's a doctor's oath and has most definitely cost lives - and those are people who have paid to have 'healthcare'.

It's not that I don't think people should have access to insurance, but I don't think that nearly addresses the problem. Unfortunately, partisan, Republican or Democrat - no one's had the balls to address it and go against the massive money insurance companies are tossing in with their lobbyists!!!

I'd love to see a group sprout up to insist they address it. If there is one, I'll join, and I don't care what political affiliation it comes from.

moonrat said...

hey!! i just read your good news on precie's blog!!! send me the details; i'd love to do a mischief announcement!!!!

Merry Monteleone said...

I heart Moonie!!!

I commented back over at Precie's, but I think it's early to announce because we've only cleared the first hurdle at this point. But I'd be happy to give you details if my short wins any of the prizes.

Thanks, Moonie, I appreciate all of the support you give to us aspiring writers, it makes the harder parts of writing a little easier to take.

Mary Witzl said...

This is such a good idea. Wish my novel was currently in shape; I'd give this a go myself. And Chris is right: it is nonsense that people should have to go through this to get decent medical care.

Hope this gets sent okay -- I'm using a Turkish keyboard and having a hellish time posting stuff.

Merry Monteleone said...

Hi Mary!!!

I hope you're doing well and settling in okay. And, you're right, it's terrible that so many people can't afford insurance, and that the medical costs are so high without it!