Friday, May 22, 2009

Author Interview on May 28th- The Amazing Erica Kirov

I am beyond excited to announce that on Thursday, May 28th, I’ll be interviewing the very awesome Erica Kirov on my blog, and you’re all invited!!!

Erica is multi-published, under several pen names (my regular blog readers already know most of them, I’m sure), and on the 28th we’ll be discussing her latest release – the first in her middle grade series:

Magickeepers: The Eternal Hourglass

Erica will be hanging around in the comments section, and the entire discussion will be moderated and kid-friendly. It’s a great opportunity to learn about a fabulous new novel and talk with the author.

If you’re a reader or writer, a fan of middle grade or a parent who might like to introduce their kids to the author – I’d love to see you there.

About the Book:

From the back cover: The one and only Harry Houdini was killed for it, the most powerful magicians have battled for centuries to retrieve it, and even the Ancient Pharaohs feared its power.... What would you do for an hourglass that stopped time?

If you’re not intrigued yet... wait until you meet Nick Rostov.

About comment moderation :

There will be a slight delay between when you leave your comment and when I get it posted. I’ll stop in frequently to make sure there’s not too much lag time...

My blogs are pretty pg to begin with, but I want to welcome any and all young readers to comment, and I want to make sure that they don’t accidentally post too much information in an online forum. So, for you parents out there, your child is safe to participate and I won’t let any full names, towns, schools, etc go up in comments... They can ask any questions they’d like about the book or writing, though.

Of course, I’d also love to welcome all writers, and adult readers who enjoy a good middle grade novel.

To learn more about the books and author, the website is : Magickeepers

The book is available in all of your favorite bookstores, or to order your very own copy from the publisher:

drop by Sourcebooks

Hope to see you all there!


Chris Eldin said...

This sounds like soooo much fun!!!

Merry Monteleone said...

Hi Chris,

I'm getting a really good response from people I've emailed and talked to, so I'm hoping to have a lot of participation from kids and adults.

I hope you and Thing One and Thing Two can make it!

Erica Orloff said...

Can't wait!! See you tomorrow!


Ello said...

Hey Merry! I will be there! Also, I did an interview with Erica today on the Enchanted Inkpot! So do pop by when you have a chance!

Merry Monteleone said...

Hi Erica,

Me, too! Should be fun!

Hi Ello,

Great! I'm heading over there now!