Sunday, January 09, 2011

Scrubbing In

With the current economy, I have a number of friends who’ve started rethinking their career prospects. Some of them have been outmoded by computers or employees overseas… some of them are just victims of a scaled back labor force, but either way they’re switching gears. A lot of them are going toward medical fields. Maybe it’s because all the forecasts say those jobs are stable. Maybe they envision themselves in cotton medical scrubs saving lives. I can see the romanticism there – if you’ve ever spent any time with a loved one in a hospital, a great nurse or technician can become a lifeline akin to a god.

I can totally see it – being completely in control in the face of chaos. And I wouldn’t be wearing any old cheap hospital scrubs, either. Mine would have to have Snoopy or something on them… ohhh, I wonder if they make them with Calvin and Hobbes? Don’t worry, guys. I’m not turning in my keyboard. But in a time when starting over seems to be the call of the day, I can see the draw to donning a pair of cotton surgical scrubs and getting to be the reason someone has more time with their loved one.

So, if you decided to call it and leave your current profession for a new one, which one would you pick? And could your write a really great novel surrounding it? (See, that last sentence is how you know I’m nothing if not a writer).

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WordVixen said...

They do indeed make Calvin & Hobbes scrubs. :-) And I would NEVER want to be a nurse- I'm squeamish and terrified of that kind of responsibility. Not to mention the hard time nurses have staying at the same place for more than a year or so, and the horror my mom went through as an LPN, and the fact that I'm kind of anti-medical establishment right now...

But scrubs are always awesome.

Merry Monteleone said...

Hi Wordvixen!!!

How have you been?

You know, I tend to have a lot of respect for nurses and medical staff... they see people at their most vulnerable and often hysterical and a lot of times they make it easier on them.

I don't think it's a calling I'd do great with - first of all, science was never my best subject and I don't think finesse with grammar will help someone with a heart murmur.

But, yeah, scrubs look downright comfy.

Peter Dudley said...

If I were to scrap it all and start over now? Hmm. I'd open a cafe/used bookstore next to a college campus, maybe. I can think of lots of cool things I'd do with it, but I doubt I'd make much money.

Colleen said...

Whoa! They sponsored your post? That's awesome!

Right, onto the question...I dunno. I feel like I've had a few careers already and I'm only 27. I'm never the kind of person that would be satisfied doing just one job for the rest of my life. I'm always looking for something fresh to keep my brain active, but it almost always has to do with either writing, acting or photography. It hasn't really strayed from those 3 things in my 27 years.

Merry Monteleone said...


That's so funny! My backburner dream is a combination used book store/ art supply store /cafe... with room for classes in the back, and of course book club discussions in the cafe... it would never make a bit of money, but I'd love being there every. single. day.

Merry Monteleone said...

Hi Colleen,

pssst - blogsvertise... you can register there and do paid postings... most of the advertisers don't specify what you write about, so I try to at least make them a bit entertaining when I can. Go register. I'm sure your blog would get accepted.

It seems like most people change careers a bevy of times now adays. Writing always seem to play a pretty heavy role in whatever it is I'm doing... not so much art, though occasionally... I love your photography, btw... also love your writing. I bet I'd love your acting if I ever got to see you in a play, now that I think of it. Keep going. I can't think of anything better than making a living doing the things you enjoy.

Colleen said...

Blogvertise! I love it! Going right now...

Thanks, you're really sweet! I wish I had more time for writing, but photography just takes up so much of my energy. Acting is one of those things that I rarely pursue but I always love it when I do.

One of the things that always concerns me though is that by spreading myself too thin creatively, maybe I'm never quite mastering anything. With all this jumping around, I hope I still have the discipline to really learn each trade further than just a hobby.

WordVixen said...

Merry- I'm good! I know I hardly ever post anymore. :-)

Nurses can be absolutely amazing and a blessing. But I've been finding out from my mom (LPN) and brother (RN) how little nurses are empowered to do. So many times, when you find that a nurse has been particularly helpful, it's because they went against the rules to do so. It's very sad.

Colleen- You might also want to look into Intellilinks (they insert links into your old posts and/or sidebar with a simple little plugin, and it's decent pay) and PayPerPost which has fewer opportunities, but you can set your own price.

Sarah said...

Merry Monteleone I like what you said about having respect for nurses and medical staff, very well put!! I just wanted to share my favorite place to get Cute, comfy and never overpriced! :)