Monday, November 06, 2006

Pink Eye and other dilema's

This morning, two of my three children woke up with red puffy eyes that are quite probably pink eye.... ughhhh...... I won't know for sure until after their doctor's appointment. Neither are in pain, they're running around, healthy as can be..... but not at school, today, my planned day to clean up the left over Halloween garbage and get the house in order for the coming holidays... or at least start to get the house in order................

So that's my dilemma today. I know, it doesn't sound like much, but sometimes it seems like you just can't get a break at all. I just got out an assignment last night, finished the one for today, and was looking forward to some personal time of catch up...... well, I guess it's better to have to postpone housework than it would be a day at the spa........... like I ever get one of those!

So what do you do with two children who are home sick all day? They can't just watch tv for the whole time, and they're not sick enough to want to lay down.... maybe I can get them to do housework ;-)

Oh well, more later I guess.....

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