Tuesday, November 27, 2007

An Ode to Jersey Girl

In my last post, I took up a meme to bestow a gift upon the first five commenters – this one for Jersey Girl is an extra as she was the first person to comment but also the blogger I picked up the meme from... she did a fantastic job at her place with blog reviews and haikus (thank you so much, I loved the one you wrote for me!!!)

I said in that post that I would do an ode – but I changed it slightly, instead of a straight ode from my own little noggin, it will be a song parody ode... which is actually a little more difficult than it looks but a lot of fun. To change it up, just a little more, I was going to put the you tube video for the original song in the post, in case anyone didn’t know the melody, it’s way more fun when you can sing it the right way... but looking at Jersey Girl’s latest post on signs of the apocalypse, I decided not to use you tube here out of deference to her feelings and because I think the whole thing sucks – excuse the pun.

The song I’ve chosen for Jersey Girl is Hotel California by The Eagles. You can find it all over the internet if you can’t think of the words off hand, though I’m sure most of you are already humming it in your head at the mention of the title.

I left off the last two verses because, hey, it’s a long damn song... well, here goes...

An Ode to Jersey Girl

On the Internet highway, it doesn’t seem fair
Those blogs without merit get read more than their share
But I found a great platform, a place for mommy hood’s plight
My kids are screaming and my Vodka’s gone
Her blog can fix me up right
Jersey Girl has her own way;
With a story to tell
There’s no need to be by yourself,
Driving your broke down mini-van from hell
Jersey Girl has a fable and fun games for to play
So if you’re looking for something more
See what she has to say...

Jersey has a story just right for ya
Ironflower’s Grace
Matches Lovebug’s pace
What can I say, Jersey Girl, but I adore ya
Never should you fear, not that way, oh dear....

Her mind is silly and twisted; she’s got a wit that won’t end
She’s got a lot of funny, funny tales, that buck the trends.
If you’re looking for blog posts you won’t forget
Soap Opera Sunday, it’s not over yet.

So I visit quite often
To have a good time.
Parenthood dilemmas mixed in adult humor without the whine
If you’ve got a nasty mom ruining your day
Kids got up in the middle of the night?
Stop and vent away...

Jersey has a story just right for ya
Ironflower’s Grace
Matches Lovebug’s pace
She’s dishin’ it up at her blog each day just for ya
There’s no need for lies, or bad alibis....

I hope you all enjoyed it, especially you, Jerseygirl. If you haven't stopped in there yet, it's a seriously great blog about motherhood but a heck of a lot more, too - if you like your reality with a dose of sarcasm and a side of sass, I can't think of a better blog to visit.


Lynnette Labelle said...

I love your Ode to Jersey Girl. I am a stay-at-home mom of twins. It's challenging finding time to write, but since that's a big part of me, I make it happen one word at a time.

Merry Jelinek said...

Hi Lynnette,

So nice to meet you. It is definitely a challenge to find uninterrupted writing time, especially with twins!! One word at a time is a great way to keep with it until the kids are a bit older.

Mine are 10, 7, and 5 and now that they're getting a little older they are close enough in age that they're all friends and they keep each other company so I can sneak in a bit of writing here and there...

Thanks for stopping in and I'm so glad you liked the ode.

~SUV Mama~ said...

Merry! I LOVE IT!! LOVE IT!! This was wonderful to read and wonderfully well written. You rock like the Eagles, man.

Colleen_Katana said...

WOW! Very well done and clever. I love that it is to song lyrics. I felt like I was singing along as I read! And I agree, JerseyGirl is quite entertaining in her blog!

Ello said...

Cool ode! Very clever. Can't wait to see what you do with mine! But keep it short because you should still be working on your writing, right? ;o)

Merry Jelinek said...

Hi SUV Mama,

So nice to see you!!! I'm glad you liked it, and now that I know where to find you, I can add you back into my blogroll.

Hi Colleen,

Yay, a blog type sing a long... woo hoo. Yeah, Jersey's blog is a lot of fun - I'm glad you found it.

Hello Ello,

Actually, my ethernet line has been down for a day and a half - I'm on the family computer right now, which stinks as I don't have all my bookmarks (which is how I find my writing sites and blogs that aren't bookmarked) plus, this computer's much slower than mine... sigh... my husband will fix it tomorrow, but on the plus side, it's amazing how much writing I got done yesterday without being able to get online and puts around.

I'm still going to take my time with your ode, because it's fun - but I probably won't have it up until tomorrow or so.

The Anti-Wife said...

Good one. Can't wait for mine!

Jerseygirl89 said...

Ack! It's taken me so long to comment, I am SO sorry. I suck. You totally don't - you are fabulous. I am so touched. Thankyouthankyouthankyou. I am so touched. And thrilled. And honored.

Jerseygirl89 said...

Oh yeah, and I hope you won't mind that I reposted my ode. :)

Rachel said...

That is fantastic!! I love it!

Merry Jelinek said...

Hi guys,

Excuse the lapse in blog movement or commenting, I'm having the worst time with the family computer and can't wait until the connection is fixed so I can use my own... Ello, yours should be up tomorrow - this computer's just too slow to chase down all the links so I'm waiting until the other one's online to get it done ;-)

Hi Anti-wife,

Glad you liked it!!! I should be getting to yours early next week but I'll drop you a comment when it's up.

Hi Jersey Girl,

I'm so glad you liked it! Post away, if the links don't work, go back in and add the "quotation marks" before and after the html address - for some reason links don't work on my blog with them in.

Hi Rachel,

Thanks so much. I stopped at your blog a couple of times and I love what I've read so far - I'll be back around to comment as soon as I'm back on my own computer.

Mary Witzl said...

Nice work, Merry! Centuries ago, people did this all the time: they made up ballads about memorable events and worthy people, and those ballads became part of the collective consciousness. You're carrying on a venerable tradition! Plus it's nice to have your memory jogged in a pleasant way. Hotel California has always reminded me of a trip from Santa Barbara up the California coast. Not a desert in sight, but still.

Our internet and phone lines were down a few weeks ago, and I too was amazed how much writing I got done, and how hard it was for me to concentrate on doing it. I now have a rule: 30 minutes of solid writing, then I get to play for 5 -- and then back to writing. So far I've managed to stick to it pretty well.

silken said...

this is really great merry! been listening to Weird Al??

(did you know I met him earlier this year!)

Merry Jelinek said...

Hi Mary,

I love this kind of stuff - I picked Hotel California especially for Jersey Girl because she reminds me of my group of friends when I was a teenage - I don't know why that is exactly, it's in her voice somewhere, but it always struck me that we would have hung out when we were fifteen or sixteen if we had known each other... my friends and I, in the days before all of us had cars, would sing Hotel California, Johnny Come Lately, and (off genre, but) A Little Bit of Soul as we walked to wherever the hell we were going.. sometimes miles, because none of us liked riding the bus, it took up precious cigarette money.

That's a great rule!!! I have to tell you, as annoying as it was to have my own computer off line, I did get a lot more writing in - once I get online, I goof off too much. I think I need to make myself a scheduled time to check blogs and respond and the like... It did get me to figure out that if I work off the hardcopy without the computer on, I can concentrate better and don't get side tracked... then I allow myself email/blog time after I've typed in the revisions... I'm rather pleased with myself - I've already made my goal for the fiction this month, though I haven't made one submission... but I think I might just keep barrelling through the fiction because it's flowing well and maybe only submit one new piece and a revised short story... I can concentrate on those better after the holiday anyway and I really want this final revision done by the end of January... I can see the finishline, now I'm dying to get there.

I have your song picked out already, too, by the way.

Hi Silken,

I do love Weird Al, and no you didn't tell me you met him, how fun!!! My best friend in high school and I used to do this all the time - somewhere in one of my notebooks is a parody of Shameless by Billy Joel, and covered by Garth Brooks - our version was 'Manless'.

silken said...

weird Al actually came to one of the rehearsals my daughter was in. He was in town to see some friends that went to college w/ his wife. they came by to watch their girls rehearse. They sat in back. When I went to talk to my friends and they introduced Al, I had this "weird" feeling for a minute, like I knew it was him, but no couldn't be...but yes, it was! my son thought it was pretty cool!

Merry Jelinek said...

Hi Silken,

That's so cool - you didn't make him sing, though, I'd have had to make a complete spectacle out of my self and requested a song.