Friday, November 07, 2008

Hearty Congratulations and Happy Dances Abound!!!

If you haven’t met my friend, Shelly Bryant, you should make it a point to go introduce yourself.

She is the featured poet in the November 8th issue of Scifaikuest. They’ve included fifteen of her poems!!! Yay, you, Shelly!!!! I’m so proud of you!

A little bit about the poet:

I met Shelly way back when at a little blogging community we both frequented. Back then, she went under the screen name, Believin – a reference to her favorite baseball team, The Astros... you’d think baseball would’ve been a contributing factor to our close friendship, being that I’m ridiculous about it... but actually, Shelly held some of the most profound literary discussions I’ve ever been privileged to take part in.

Shelly grew up in Texas, but has lived in Singapore for most of her adult life. She teaches literature to third and fourth year University students. She also happens to have a great knowledge of history and theology and all of these influences make their way into her blog posts and subsequent discussions, as well as her writing.

If you get some time, drop over and check out her awesome website and peruse some of her writings, or just offer her congratulations.

If you’re interested in checking out Scifaikuest, you can order a copy of your very own here


Shelly said...

Wow! Thanks, Merry! This is very kind of you.

I have to say you've been a big encouragement to me in my writing life. And I appreciate the solid feedback you've given when reading my poetry. It helps to have another set of eyes if you want to improve the work.

Thanks for being so supportive!

silken said...

she's pretty awesome isn't she!!

Merry Monteleone said...


Not at all - I'm so excited for you! Poetry's a very tough nut to crack, harder than other types of writing, I think, because the markets are so much slimmer - but you are doing outstanding!

You have also been a great encouragement to my writing - I often think more than I'm able to offer you as your observations on fiction are outstanding but I don't feel that I'm nearly as good a set of eyes with poetry.

Hi Silken,

Awesome she is! Most definitely.