Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Moonrat! Where it's at!

As many of you know, we’re celebrating Moonrat’s Second Blog-i-versary!!! I thought of writing an ode, but she’s already inundated with haiku’s... I thought of hiring Michael Chabon to serenade her with bad karaoke, but I’m guessing he’d charge quite a bit for that humiliation and I don’t make that kind of money...

So instead I’ll tell you all how I met our dear anonymous editor in the first place.

Long ago and far away, I don’t recall the exact date as time seems to slip and slide in odd dimensions in this space we call Blog Land, I got a comment on one of my blog posts from a visitor I didn’t really know. She – or I assumed it was a she, but the anonymous nature of blogging under screen names makes you guess at this sort of thing... I often assume ‘she’ when the speaker is either a writer or intelligent, which is probably quite unfair to some of my male friends, but it is what it is...

Anyhoo, the only knowledge I had of this speaker was that her name was Moonrat and she thought I might like to join a group blog called The Book Book... hmmmm... there was a linky dink right there pointing me to the blog. And the blog looked pretty interesting, but all I could think was, “Who the hell is this?”

I declined, or probably said something more like, “Oh it looks interesting and I’ll think about it,” which is the writer’s equivalent of, “umnnn... no.” Sort of like, “Don’t call us – we’ll call you.”

I just didn’t have time to participate in another blog – and it’s probably a good thing I didn’t know her yet, as I’d have said yes for sure... I have this problem saying no to people I like.

Over the course of time I got to know Moonie a lot better. She is the best cheerleader a writer ever had, I swear. Just look at her growing Mischief!!! She’s even offered to watch mine and Precie’s writing status – with a megaphone if we slack.

Even the average blog reader must grow to adore her, with her industry insider posts and humorous looks at such favorites as “Momrat”, “Dadrat”, and “Rally Monkey”.

If you’re a fan, or just looking for a great blog – Go wish her a happy anniversary at the awesome party put together by some of her readers. Go on, now. I’ll see ya there!


Ello said...

Very nice Merry! Now let the festivities begin! Oh wait they have been already. Let them continue!

moonrat said...

awww. thanks, merry :)