Sunday, November 02, 2008

Fifth Grade Politics

In honor of the election year, my daughter’s fifth grade class had an assignment to draft their own campaign literature... They designed their own buttons, three fold pamphlets on the issues, and even designed the symbol for their own made up political party. I thought you might enjoy some of the highlights from my daughter’s campaign:

Her answers are copy typed verbatim in blue.
My silly commentary is italicized.

Campaign Button:

If I were President – I would lower taxes and gas prices. I would also be fair, kind, and helpful. Even if you don’t elect me, remember: “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” Hey, it worked for Kennedy.

Pamphlet on the Candidate:

I am running for President because:
I want to be the first woman in the office.
I’m hoping she’ll grow out of this type of reasoning.

Two skills that I have that would make me a good President are:
My comedian skills – we need a fun President. My creativity – for good speeches.
Actually, she might be on to something here.

The symbol for the Republican Party is the elephant, which represents intelligence and strength. They symbol for the Democratic Party is the donkey, which represents intelligence and courage.

My symbol is The Dragon. It represents Bravery and The American Dream.
I’d go for that – hers is waaay cooler!

As President, I will work to solve these problems that face kids:
The right for eleven year olds to vote. No homework and free candy with lunch.
Eeeeek!!! Is she bribing people? She really is a politician.

As President, I plan to help the American people by doing these things:
Help the poor, sick, and hurt.

I thought this was pretty good for a fifth grader... until I flipped it over and saw what she wrote on the back of her pamphlet...

P.S. – I know where you live.


silken said...

oh, I love it! I really love the assignment here and I bet the kids had fun w/ it!

Merry Monteleone said...

They really did, silken. The whole school had a mock election, too, and they announced the winner at the end of the day on friday.

It's watered down, of course, but at least they're getting some idea of how the election process works and what their job as citizens entails when they vote for their elected officials... even if they do think bribing and threatening for votes is okay :-)

Colleen_Katana said...

Man, I wish we had cool assignments like that back when I was in grade school! I TOLD you she's gonna be a politician...a little more polishing and soon she'll be on the campaign trail!

Mom In Scrubs said...

Love it, love it!!

What a genius move, the gentle persuasion on the back of the pamphlet... Obama and McCain could take some pointers from her!

WordVixen said...

Free candy? I'll vote for her!